Outreach Ministry



This ministry seeks to improve the quality of life for all people, especially those with critical needs, meeting their needs and empowering them to build their lives, families and community. We encourage believers to be involved in service to one another and to our community; this can be done daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your commitment and willingness to serve God.

Late Night Outreach

House of Oaks Ministries (HOOM) is reaching out and offering support to people involved in street life by being a “presence” on the streets late at night. Our heart is to represent Christ to them in every interaction through the tangible services we offer and the relationships that we build.

Global Missions

Our heart for the lost in our community directly relates to our burden for a lost world. We not only have vision for reaching our immediate surroundings, we commit to sending and supporting missionaries and praying for the lost around the world.

Community Development

House of Oaks Ministries, through our non-profit arm, Northwest Urban Ministries (NWUM), follows the community development model made popular by the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) and John M. Perkins. This mission is best described by Mr. Perkins in his book Beyond Charity, 1993, in this way, "reconciled Christians working together mobilizing spiritual and physical resources in and for communities of need through the Church in a community-determined way that is redemptive."

Christian Community Development (CCD) supports and encourages practitioners and helps inspire Christians to launch new community ministries. The CCD philosophy emphasizes eight basic principles for those hoping to impact distressed communities:

  • relocation to the community;
  • reconciliation of the people to God and to each other;
  • redistribution of skills, education, and resources;
  • development of leadership from within the community;
  • responding to the felt-needs of the community;
  • keeping the program church-based;
  • following a holistic approach to problem-solving; and
  • empowerment of the people of the community.

Our focus is on participation, empowerment and sustainability:

From participation grows empowerment. People who truly participate in their own development are permanently strengthened. Participation and empowerment seek to ensure that projects bring lasting change which will strengthen people's ability to fend for themselves and improve their lives long after the project has ended and the temporary funding has stopped. Therefore, another key principle is sustainability -- a long-term approach that seeks to understand and respect local conditions and to create lasting strategies.

Outreach Events

House of Oaks Ministries implements relationship-building opportunities with the unchurched through outreach events, including holiday specific outreach, street outreach activities, and performing arts productions.

Prison Ministry

Prison outreach is an arm of the church to help fulfill the biblical mandate of Jesus, "I was in prison and you came to visit me," Matt 25:36 (NIV). Our ministry is designed to proclaim the love and message of Jesus to the incarcerated, help lead them into a saving and personal relationship with the Savior, build them up in the faith, and equip them for a lifetime of faithful service in the Lord’s Kingdom.

Recovery Support Groups

Through recovery groups provide a supportive and caring environment for those affected by addiction. Goals:

* To support people affected by addictions, using biblical messages, delivering information to assist in living an addiction-free lifestyle.

* To provide referrals and the resources necessary to aid in the recovery from addiction.

* To provide an environment where people impacted by addictions can feel safe, supported and cared for, while gaining the tools needed to maintain recovery.